Beurax Review & Case Study


Beurax Case Study

Aim: To hit $20K with the Beurax platform.

Progress: Testing out the platform. Invested $1000 initially.

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Ease Of Use

Interest Payouts

Platform Longevity 

Income Potential

What is Beurax Anyway?

Beurax Ltd hit the market in 2020 and has has quickly become one of the most sought after investment opportunities in 2021 and for good reason.

Let me explain...

The way the platform works is quite simple really. You sign up for an account with the company and fund your account with multiple ways available.

This means within 24 hours they'll be sharing gains with you. 

What makes this opportunity completely awesome is the fact the company do all of the trading and you collect the passive returns daily. 

On this platform you deposit what you're willing for them to trade and this amount is locked in for a defined period, depending on the option you choose.  Daily interest is made possible by their sophisticated traders who do a remarkable job at buying/selling.

And boy do the trades make money. A great thing if you're signed up!

You are distributed a portion of the daily gain. This fluctuates on a daily basis due to the volatility of the market but the good news is you'll never make a loss from their trading. Profit is paid out daily, which admittedly becomes addictive.

Profits are Monday - Friday only, in line with their trading.

Great news is that when you sign up today, you'll start to see gains within 24 hours.

I've already received 300 back from my initial amount and there's daily payouts.

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I only joined this opportunity a week ago and it's clear they have really experienced traders are proving to know what they're at.

Is Beurax a Scam?

Great question and one I had when I initially joined. Here's the deal, like all opportunities there is a risk involved and this certainly has an element of risk to it. For me, the level of reward completely outweighs the risk. 

I've got absolute faith that it will be around for a long time. My suggestion is to only risk what you can afford to lose.

To answer the question, my answer is simply no.

  • The company has been around for over 1 year
  • Company has been paying out consistently (daily withdrawals possible)
  • Registered company in Australia

Caution: This system is highly addictive 

You can be enjoying these gains within your first 24 hours. Each day you hold off joining means daily profit you miss out on.

How Do I get Started?

Step 1: Join Beurax Now

Step 2: Deposit Instructions:


Here is a list of most frequently asked questions and answers for Beurax

1) Is Beurax a Global business opportunity?

Yes it is and you are free to join Beurax from anywhere in the world and promote it anywhere in the world.

2) What is the minimum amount to deposit? 

It's $20 minimum and there is no upper limit.

3) How much returns can I expect on a monthly basis for my investment? 

We cannot guarantee any fixed returns as they totally depend on the market and daily profits the traders make, however looking at their track record up to 30 % a month should be normal. Their traders have been generating consistent profits of up to 30 % a month for their hedge funds which they manage.

4) Is there any lock in period for my principal amount invested? 

Yes lock in period is different depending on the option you choose. For every deposit - however your daily passive gain Monday to Friday can withdraw daily.

5) Is there any minimum or maximum withdrawal limit? 

Yes there is a minimum of roughly $15.

6) How can I fund my account? 

The optimal way to deposit and withdraw from the platform is by using crypto-currencies but you can also fund use perfect money etc. The company plans to expand the payment options available to customers as it grows. 

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