Crypterium Review & Case Study

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Crypterium Review

Aim: To buy Crypterium low and to sell high. Date of purchase – Nov 30th 2017 

Note: The bonus token offer is now over. We have secured 1% extra for our readers when you sign up here (Applied after you buy your tokens.)


What is Crypterium?

Crypterium opened it’s pre-sale doors in early October 2017, meaning early adopters could buy their tokens and be rewarded in bonus coins 

They’re still offering 6% bonus tokens.

Crypterium position themselves as a Cryptocurrency Bank & Platform with the intention to enable users to be able to use cryptocurrency in the same way that they can use any other currency. 

With the demand for cryptocurrencies expected to grow beyond 200 million users daily by 2025, they forsee an evident need for their platform.

The Crypterium Cryptobank is going to be the initial step forward in servicing this demand. What positions them strongly is the vision to put mobile first through an android and iOS marketplace.

Crypterium Cryptobank facilitates and enables both fiat and crypto based currency transactions while even being able to ensure interchangeability among the two. The revolutionary part and what makes Crypterium really unique and stad head and shoulders above other ICOs is what they truly solve. 

The challenge to date for many is how cryptocurrency can be used to pay for goods and services in the real world. This is what Crypterium is really solving and this is why I’m really excited about this ICO.

5 Reasons To Own CRPT Tokens

Limited offer

Since there will no tokens issued post ICO, this represents a massive opportunity for early investors. Get in early or miss out.

Constant demand

Amount of CRPT will conistently decrease meaning the number of tokens in circulation is limited, thus increasing demand for the token. A direct quote from their site – “With every transaction, a small number of CRPT tokens are “burned”.

Loyalty rewards

The company have a rewarding loyalty program offering up to 80% cashback for each transaction you make. Only requirement is that you own the CRPT tokens and use them for transactions.

Compliance with SEC regulation

Directly from the company website, you will find their stance on the token and how they’ve ensured they remain compliant to improve the longevity of the token and platform “We worked closely with one of the best lawyers in blockchain and the SEC regulation sphere. Our legal opinion is that CRPT tokens are a utility and not a security. This guarantees a fast listing on exchanges after ICO.

Technical ExpertiseI always look at the team behind the tokens I invest in and this one stood out. With 5 years experience in blockchain technology solutions it’s clear the dedication and insight the team has is industry leading. The team who developed CRPT Smart Contract has 5 years of experience in blockchain solutions. having been audited by the audit giants Ambisafe, you can be assured security and quality is at the forefront of their Smart Contract.

My Crypterium Case Study

  • Day 1 Investment: Circa. $550 – Nov 30h 2017
  • Coin Received: 572 tokens
  • Bonus Coins Awarded: 10% – 52 tokens (Awarded providing you get in within the pre-sale period.)
  • Current Value: $0.90c per CRPT token
crypterium token amount

Is there Risk Involved?

Absolutely, like with any other crytocurrency or investment there are risks involved. The token may not generate the demand expected and flop. In my opinion, this is highly unlikely. 

The fact you’re on this site alone means you’re doing your own due diligence and are likely aware of the risks involved.

For me, the reward completely outweighs the risk involved.

I am not a financial adviser and you should seek guidance/do your own due diligence before making any investment decisions. 

Minimum purchase is $75, make sure you account for any fees sending to their platform.

​As far as Crypterium goes I have to admit I’m both excited and impressed. (Which takes a lot…)

This is one of the most exciting ICOs I have personally invested in.

Step By Step

1. Determine how man CRPT you need and the equivalent in the crypto you’re going to transfer. I chose Bitcoin but they accept many other forms of payment including Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin cash, wire transfer, Visa/MasterCard and more. Note: It will cost you more if you’re buying with visa or MasterCard.

2. Get your bitcoin wallet address (If paying in BTC)

3. Buy Bitcoin here

4. Wait for funds to credit your account, typically 20-30 minutes.

5. Buy your tokens.

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