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DavorCoin Case Study

Aim: Replicate the success I've had on Bitconnect to DavorCoin. ($20k in 51 days)

Progress: $1045 invested - Started 21st December 2017. See below for updates.

Day 1: $1,045 Invested

Ease Of Use

Interest Payouts

Platform Longevity 

Income Potential

What is Davor?

Similar to Bitconnect, Davorcoin have their own lending platform and coin that is exponentially increasing in value daily.

They have listed their coin on coinexchange, meaning more potential for growth.

Let me explain...

As of writing this their coin is valued at $17.68. (Update Jan 15th - Now worth $170)

I bought into BitConnect when their coin was valued at $200, imagine getting into the start of that coin?

Well essentially Davor is your ticket to doing just that!

Having made over $20k in Bitconnect in 51 days, I'm confident I can make even more in Davor.

DavorCoin platform is the Bitconnect of 2018.

This means if you get in early like me, you'll reap the reward.

They use the money you invest on their platform for arbitrage across multiple exchanges. i.e XRP worth 0.99c on one exchange but could be sold for $1.10 on another.

To get involved in their platform the first thing you need to do is purchase bitcoin and send it to the Davor platform. 

You lend Davor to their platform and receive daily interest.

Although the interest levels fluctuate daily, you'll be glad to know they typically work out in your favour. Most importantly, you will not make a loss from your investment. 

Check out the incredible daily interest, not available elsewhere.

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Warning: You will suffer from checking your stats regularly, it's highly addictive.

My Davorcoin Case Study

  • Day 1 Investment: $1,045- December 21st 2017
  • Day 3 Profit: $73.88
  • Day 10 Investment: $1.8K
  • Day 10 Profit: $232.48
  • Day 17 - Video below

Day 17 - Made $1290 in one day!

What's the Potential?

One word - exponential.

At such a low price point now, my receommnedaiton is to get in to their platform, lend to the platform and also hold onto their coin. 

Having already exploded onto the scene and now represented on coinexchange, they have proved their roadmap is serious for 2018.

My advice is to get in now and join the masses who are earning interest daily.

They even do regular giveaways such as the Apple iPhone X, Davorcoins and much more. The team behind this are serious in making this succeed.


You invest $2000, each day you will receive the market % (Avg 1.8%) and you will also be rewarded with an additional  .1%.

Meaning on average you will make 1.9% daily on their platform. Or in USD that's $38 each and every day!

This means in less than 2 months you'll have made your initial investment back (53 days to be precise!)

You'll make it back even quicker if you decide to compound this money. Meaning after 53 days you would have over $4K that could be lent to their platform.

That's $76 daily after only 53 days!!

If you decide to compound this will only continue to grow.

You even have the option to lock in an additional .1% by locking your capital for 120 days. 

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  • Is DavorCoin a Scam?

    Absolutely not, however it must be said investing in any cryptocurrency involves an element of risk. 

    Personally, how I look at this platform is -  does the risk outweigh the reward?

    Although a relatively new platform, Davorcoin is growing in popularity.

    If you got in at ICO level you would had a return of 100x on your initial investment.

    The daily interest amounts are significant and you can potentially get your investment back in profit within 53 days on their plaform.

    People are receiving daily interest amounts and withdrawing is readily available.

    I tested withdrawing my funds to my exodus wallet and it was available within 30 minutes. 

    The gains in this platform are massive and at almost 2% daily it's worthwhile investing.

    To answer the question: No it's not a scam!

    Interview with DavorCoin Founder

    With most of these projects it's near impossible to figure out the founders of the platforms. Good news is Julien, the Founder has been proactive with speaking directly to the Youtube community. You can hear him getting grilled in the interview below.

    How Do I get Started?

    Step 1: Join Davor Here

    Step 2: Buy Bitcoin on Coinbase

    Step 3: Join the Facebook Group Here 

    Step 4: Profit

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