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Monyx Case Study

Aim: Buy the Monyx coin pre ICO and sell for a much higher profit.

Progress: $1045 invested - Started 25th December 2017

Day 1: $1,045 Invested

Ease Of Use

Interest Payouts

Platform Longevity 

Income Potential

What is Monyx?

Monyx is one of the 1st crypto platforms that has the aggressive task of outperforming Bitcoin on a risk-adjusted basis. 

Just like Bitcoin, Monyx is based on open-source Blockchain technology for highly secure, transparent, seamless and lightning-fast transactions.

The core and heart of Monyx is state-of-the-art algorithmic trading powered by artificial intelligence.

Monyx also has a lending platform with other options for trading, staking and mining.

They believe $10,000 invested in their ICO will equate to $150k post ICO in Q1 2018.

They use arbitrage, market making and prediction trading.

They are currently integrated through an API to the following exchanges.

- Bittrex

- GDax

- Poloniex

- Binance

- HitBtc

My Monyx Case Study

  • Day 1 Investment: $1,045- December 25th 2017
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  • How Do I get started?

    Step 1: Join Monyx Here

    Step 2: Join the Facebook Group Here 

    Step 3: Profit

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