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HomeBlockCoin Case Study

Day 1: $1,100 Invested

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What is Home Block Coin?

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Homeblock are is one of the 1st platforms to hit the market and stick to their roadmap exactly. 

The company launched on the 23rd of November 2017 with their successful ICO, leaving many happy investors.

Homeblockcoin has a lending platform with other options for trading, staking and mining.

They also have their own coin which can be bought on exchanges and through their internal platform. 

You can lend their coins to the platform who trade on your behalf and pay you a daily interest rate as result.

Avg rate of interest on their platform is 1.58% daily, far exceeding any other platform's average.

They use arbitrage, market making and prediction trading.

They are currently integrated on the following popular exchange

- Cryptopia

- Coinexchange

- Coinhouse

Home Block Coin Roadmap

Behind every successful coin and platform there needs to be a clear and robust roadmap. This is something HomeBlock Coin contains in volumes.

See what I mean in the video below. 

My HomeBlock Case Study

  • Day 1 Investment: $1,100 January 4th 2017
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