Storiqa Review & Case Study


Storiqa Review

Aim: To buy Storiqa low and to sell high. Date of purchase – Jan 10th 2018

Note: The bonus token offer is still avilable. You will get 4% bonus when you purchase today

Early Adopter




Income Potential


What is Storiqa?

They’re still offering 4% bonus tokens here.

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My Storiqa Case Study

  • Day 1 Investment: Circa. $500 – Jan 10h 2018
  • Tokens Received: 55865 tokens
  • Bonus Coins Awarded: 4% – 2k+ tokens (Awarded providing you get in within the pre-sale period.)
  • Current Value: $0.0093c per token

How Do I get started?

Step 1: Join Storiqa Here (This link gets you an additional 4% in Bonus tokens)

Step 2: Join the Facebook Group Here 

Step 3: Wait for the ICO Launch  

Step 4: Profit

Step By Step Video

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